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Name Bijin no Yu Kakamigahara


1-1 Sohara Sarukocho, Kakamigahara-city, Gifu 504-0845
TEL 058-380-2622
FAX 058-380-2667

Business Hour

10:00~23:00(Final reception 22:30)

Regular Holidays

Open 7 days a week


Parking space for 250 vehicles available.

Heavy-duty trucks welcome.


Hot spring component

Hot spring component

Spring Source Bijin no Yu Shirotori
Spring Quality Sodium - Hydrogen carbonate spring
ph 7.74
Efficacy (for bathing)

Beautiful skin, skin diseases, burns and cuts, neuralgia, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, whips and sprains, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, fatigue, health promotion

*The hot spring of Shirotori is not for drinking.

Analysis date of hot spring February 28, 2021
Analytical Institute Gifu Prefectural Inst. of Public Health

Component Detail

Radon Content (Rn) 14.0×10.10-10Ci/kg (3.9M・E/kg)
Composition and content in 1 kg of sample Cation (Unit: mg)
Lithium ion 0.9, Sodium ion 798.1, Potassium ion 3.4, Ammonium ion 0.6, Magnesium ion 27.3, Calcium ion 59.1, Strontium ion 1.6, Barium ion 0.2, Iron (I) ion (Ferroion) 1.1
Anion (Unit: mg)
Fluorine Ion 0.4, Chlorine Ion 1250, Bromine Ion 4.1, Sulfate Ion 7.9, Hydrogen Carbonate Ion 198.3, Carbonate Ion 0.8
Free component (undissociated component unit: mg)
Metasilicic Acid 28.4, Metaboric Acid 3.3
Dissolved gas component (mg)
Free carbon dioxide 6.0, Dissolved substances (excluding gaseous substances) 2,386 g/kg
Total Composition 2,392g/kg
Other minor constituents (in mg) Aluminum Ion less than 0.05, Total Chromium less than 0.005, Manganese Ion less than 0.075, Iron (II) Ion (Ferroion) less than 0.05, Copper Ion less than 0.005, Zinc Ion less than 0.009, Cadmium Ion less than 0.0005, Total Mercury less than 0.0005, Lead Ion less than 0.001, Iodine Ion less than 0.1, Hydrate Ion less than 0.1, Total Hydrogen Sulfide less than 0.05, Thiosulfate Ion less than 0.1, Phosphate Ion less than 0.1, Total Arsenic less than 0.005, Nitrite Ion less than 0.1, Nitrate Ion less than 0.1, Selenium less than 0.001