Taste of beauty

Chef from five-star hotel serves
heartwarming hospitality



“Food Park Kabaru” is a restaurant in Bijin no Yu.
There are various menus for the warm banquet in the back room.
The chef’s special Kaiseki cuisine that makes use of seasonal ingredients, Japanese and Western cuisine, authentic Indian cuisine, light meals and sweets are served.



Introducing Chef


Chef Alam is from India!
Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine such as curry and naan.


Brief personal history

Worked at a hotel affiliated with Marriott International. After serving as chef at 5 star hotels in India and Bangladesh including Le Méridien Dhaka and Westin Chennai. He arrived in Japan on April 2019. He became the head chef of the restaurant “Asian bar and Grill Kabaru” in “Bijin-no-Yu Kakamigahara”.

Business Hour

Week day

11:00~15:00(L.O 14:30)

17:00~21:00(L.O 20:30)

Sat., Sun. and Holidays 11:00~22:00(L.O 21:30)

We take order to go as well!

To go service is available on…

Week day 11:00~14:30、17:00~21:00
Sat. Sun. and Holidays 11:00~21:30

※Tax included

  • Deluxe Triple Curry and Naan set


    This is a special dish that comes with the popular triple curry set and tandoori chicken. If you can’t decide what to eat, you should choose this one!

  • Triple Curry and Naan set


    It is a very reasonable set with 3 kinds of curry plus naan, mini rice, salad and drink.

  • Beef Bhuna


    Spicy curry with plenty of beef. Bhuna ‘means’ stir fry. ‘. It’s a curry with less water, made by stir-frying spicy beef at a high temperature.

  • Chicken Tikka Makhani


    Tomato based curry with chicken thighs. It’s a bit more spicy than chicken butter curry.

  • Chicken Korma


    A mild and creamy white chicken curry based on cashew nuts.

  • Kakamigahara Ikemen Beef Curry


    Beef curry with lots of Kakamigahara’s specialty carrots. Improved it to make it less spicy, easier to eat, and goes well with naan. Of course, it is also delicious with rice.

  • Chicken Keema Curry


    This is a flavorful curry made by stir-frying minced chicken, onion and tomato, and stewing it with 16 kinds of spices. This is a spicy and rich recommended curry.

  • Spinach Curry


    Healthy green curry made with plenty of iron-rich spinach.

  • Vegetable Curry


    As for vegetable curry, more than 10 kinds of vegetables are boiled, and it is gentle on the body! Even children can enjoy it at ease.

  • Chicken Butter Curry


    Chicken butter curry, the most popular among the various curry menus, has a basic taste with plenty of tomato, chicken and butter. It is also popular among children.

  • Naan Pizza


    Naan pizza is very popular among children and adults. It is very voluminous with potato salad.

  • Keema Naan


    Spicy ground chicken (Keema) is stuffed inside the naan. It’s a little spicy.

  • Garlic Cheese Naan


    The best of cheese naan and garlic naan. It is delicious even without curry.

  • Garlic Naan


    The garlic topping makes it more delicious. This flavor is addictive.

  • Cheese Naan


    Cheese naan is renewed. Naan with melting cheese inside. 

  • Naan


    The great combination of 2 types of bread flour and rice floor. It’s crunchy. This naan is proud of “Food Park Kabaru”.

  • Tandoori Plate


    This is a gorgeous dish that comes with a tandoori chicken, Malai Tikka and Chicken Tikka.

  • Sikh Kabab


    Sikh means’ Skewer, ‘and Kabab means’ grilled meat. ‘. Because the ground chicken is used in Kabaru, there is no smell and it is easy to eat. Perfect as a snack with beer!

  • Chicken Tikka


    Bite-sized chicken thighs are marinated with plenty of spices and grilled juicy. It’s easier to eat than Tandoori chicken and more spicy than Malai Tikka.

  • Malai Tikka


    “Malai” is a thin film formed when milk is warmed. “Tikka” means bite size. Bone-free chicken thighs marinated in malai, yogurt and spices are baked in a tandoori oven. Soft and mild. The moderate spiciness is highly recommended.

  • Tandoori Chicken (2 pieces)


    Bone-in chicken thighs marinated in spices are skewered on a skewer called “Sikh” and baked in a tandoori oven for a savory flavor. Tasty and spicy! It goes well with rice and alcohol. Please bite into it and enjoy.

Japanese food

  • Karaage Set


  • Amazu Ankake Set


  • O-Ebi Tendon


  • Negi Oroshi Pon-zu Katsu set


  • Ebi-fry set


  • Chashu men


  • Ramen


  • Karaage Curry


  • Katsu Curry


  • Ebi-fry Curry


  • Curry and rice


  • Drinks


    We have various kinds of beer, shochu, sake, chuhai, soft drinks, hot drinks, etc.