Bijin no Yu




The outdoor bathes of Bijin no Yu Kakamigahara’s hot water is natural hot spring from “Bijin no Yu Shirotori(Shirotori cho, Gifu)”, which is as known as “beautiful skin water”.
It makes your body really comfortably warm from inside, moisturizes your skin, and makes it smooth.
Take your time and enjoy!



Hot spring component

Hot spring component

Spring Source Bijin no Yu Shirotori
Spring Quality Sodium - Hydrogen carbonate spring
ph 7.74
Efficacy (for bathing)

Beautiful skin, skin diseases, burns and cuts, neuralgia, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, whips and sprains, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, fatigue, health promotion

*The hot spring of Shirotori is not for drinking.

Analysis date of hot spring February 28, 2021
Analytical Institute Gifu Prefectural Inst. of Public Health

Component Detail

Radon Content (Rn) 14.0×10.10-10Ci/kg (3.9M・E/kg)
Composition and content in 1 kg of sample Cation (Unit: mg)
Lithium ion 0.9, Sodium ion 798.1, Potassium ion 3.4, Ammonium ion 0.6, Magnesium ion 27.3, Calcium ion 59.1, Strontium ion 1.6, Barium ion 0.2, Iron (I) ion (Ferroion) 1.1
Anion (Unit: mg)
Fluorine Ion 0.4, Chlorine Ion 1250, Bromine Ion 4.1, Sulfate Ion 7.9, Hydrogen Carbonate Ion 198.3, Carbonate Ion 0.8
Free component (undissociated component unit: mg)
Metasilicic Acid 28.4, Metaboric Acid 3.3
Dissolved gas component (mg)
Free carbon dioxide 6.0, Dissolved substances (excluding gaseous substances) 2,386 g/kg
Total Composition 2,392g/kg
Other minor constituents (in mg) Aluminum Ion less than 0.05, Total Chromium less than 0.005, Manganese Ion less than 0.075, Iron (II) Ion (Ferroion) less than 0.05, Copper Ion less than 0.005, Zinc Ion less than 0.009, Cadmium Ion less than 0.0005, Total Mercury less than 0.0005, Lead Ion less than 0.001, Iodine Ion less than 0.1, Hydrate Ion less than 0.1, Total Hydrogen Sulfide less than 0.05, Thiosulfate Ion less than 0.1, Phosphate Ion less than 0.1, Total Arsenic less than 0.005, Nitrite Ion less than 0.1, Nitrate Ion less than 0.1, Selenium less than 0.001


Soft water that is gentle on the skin

Soft water prevents hard ingredients such as magnesium and calcium contained in water, by removing the generation of “soap scum” that damages skin and hair.

The slimy feeling after using soft water is due to the remaining fatty acid, which is the same component as the skin membrane. This keeps the skin moist and does not cool after a bath.

This is the first attempt in Japan that soft water is used in the entire building. Please check the effects of “natural hot spring” and “soft water” that are gentle on the skin by yourself.


Indoor Bathes

Jet Bathes

Enjoy jet bath, super jet bath, and sitting style jet bath.

Binchotan charcoal cold water bath

Expected various effects including superior adsorption characteristics, deodorization action , purification action by natural mineral ingredients.

Hinoki bath

It is healed with the subtle fragrance of the hinoki. The scent of the wood calms you down.



Carbonic acid bath

Various beauty effects are expected where it promotes washing of the pores, makes the bloodstream well and helps with reproduction of the skin.

Electric Bath

It is effective to apply electrical stimulation to the surface of the body to relieve stiffness and pain, and to pass fatigue substances along with the bloodstream.


Beauty and health, stress relief. The hot air bath at 80 ~ 100 degrees Celsius promotes the secretion of metabolites and the reproduction of energy, and is expected to recover from fatigue.



Outdoor Bath

Rock Bath

The dynamic rock face creates a tasteful atmosphere in the open-air bath. Enjoy the natural hot spring while feeling the breath of nature and the atmosphere of the secret hot spring.

Pot Bath

Got a big pot for yourself. Soak to the shoulders and look up at the night sky. Please enjoy today’s extravagant epilogue.

Laying-back Bath

A warm hot spring flows down your back, and the comfortable warmth gives you a healing. You can rest your mind and body without thinking of anything.



Foot Bath

Enjoy the footbath with sitting. It is effective for dieting because of the half-body bath effect.

Silk Bath (Woman only)

Enjoy the soft micro bubbles and the comfortable touch of ultrasonic waves.

Hidamari no Yu (Man only)

An open air hot spring where you can casually enjoy.